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Christmas is very nearly upon us, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your favourite people.

Whether you’re looking for a nifty stocking filler or a show-stopper gift for that someone special, we’ve got you covered for every budget.


"Just book your ticket and work back from there." That's the advice PR guru and communications expert Prasana Lee gives anyone thinking of moving overseas. It was 2014 when Prasana and her husband Adrian relocated from Sydney's Inner West to Manila in the Philippines.


When Patrick Llewellyn moved to San Francisco in 2010, it set him on the path to running one of Australia’s most successful startups.

After being hired by online graphic design marketplace 99designs, Patrick was tasked with starting the company’s US operations, leading a huge expansion and investment strategy.


Tech entrepreneur Mike Tozer is a man on a mission, quite literally.

The 38-year-old just ran 45km around Sydney – in a full suit, no less – to help secure $1 million in funding for his anxiety-reducing app, which helps people with autism find employment.

His company, Xceptional, is a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge, the culmination of a global journey that’s taken him from the UK, to Hong Kong, to studying at Harvard and, finally, founding his tech services firm in Australia.

With those international moves came inspiration to create a business very close to Mike’s heart.


When Melbourne graffiti artists Dabs and Myla were looking for a blank canvas, they found their calling in the City of Angels.

The Australian husband and wife team, who fused their names to become DabsMyla professionally, saw their careers soar to new heights when they swapped Melbourne for Los Angeles in 2009.

Having met while studying illustration back in Melbourne, it was each other’s artwork they initially fell in love with, before eventually falling for one another.


Chances are if you've spent any time behind a video game controller, you've considered creating your own game.

Video game development is a competitive field, but it’s not impossible to break into, and your love of the game can take you far.

The School of Game Design library is the perfect resource for getting started on your game creation dreams.


Python is arguably one of the best languages for new programmers to learn, but if you’re jumping on the developing wagon now, becoming Python-fluent can seem intimidating, especially given its increasing involvement in complex AI and machine learning applications.

With the Total Python Machine Learning Bundle, you’ll learn how Python makes today's AI innovations tick without getting lost in walls of code, and it's available today for a price you pick.


Creating a stunning video to showcase your new product or brand is one of the best ways to grab a potential customer’s attention.

Large companies can afford design teams or the best freelancers, but if you’re just starting out at your own business, you probably won't have the same options available.

However, that's not to say you can't create your own video content. Videobolt Pro gives even complete novices the tools to create gripping videos, and lifetime subscriptions are on sale today.


Whether it's an organised hacking group, a standalone cyber criminal, or just the government keeping tabs on your movements, there's a host of threats you need to be careful of every time you connect to the internet.

CyberGhost VPN can watch your back when you're surfing online and ensure your browsing activity stays private, and lifetime subscriptions are on sale for over 80 per cent off today.