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Every now and again, your group of friends needs a very specific type of game. Ideally, it'll be something that's easy to understand, with short round times and just enough mechanics. The first game of the night or the game you break out with drinks.

Coup: Rebellion is that game.

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I've always been a massive board game fan. I even have an entire book shelf dedicated to them in my house.

But recently my board game nights have been gravitating more towards TV-based party games. They're usually well priced, great quality and don't involve a myriad of tiny pieces to keep track of. If you're looking for some casual games to fire up next time you have mates over, here's some of the best.


The long weekend is here, which means that we all have four glorious days to try and occupy ourselves. In honour of the many people who will no doubt spend the weekend drinking and gaming (myself included) here are 15 of the best party games ever released, ranked from good to best.


If you're a fan of Until Dawn and you're anything like me, you've probably already finished the game a couple of times. You've saved the teens, you've killed the teens, you've collected everything there is to collect. Or maybe you haven't got around to playing it at all yet. Well, there's a new way to enjoy it all over again -- or even for the first time -- and it hinges around getting a group of your friends together.