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Fallout 76, Bethesda’s troubled online survival shooter, received an update today that included a number of bug fixes and the addition of push-to-talk on PC. These all looked like welcome improvements, except for one small thing: the game’s “Feed the People” public event no longer gives every player on a server cans of meat stew.


Fallout 76 is not in a good place. There’s pretty much a consensus among fans on this point. Last week, Bethesda pivoted on its messaging, posting an apology to players on the Fallout 76 subreddit for not being very communicative about its plans for updating and fixing the game going forward.

After the latest patch was announced on Wednesday, things seemed to be trending in the right direction. But then, players discovered new problems.


Fallout 76's latest patch is now live. Bethesda had said it would be one of the game’s bigger ones, and at 47 GB on console it was, but the patch notes themselves are short, pointing only toward improved overall stability and handful of bug fixes.


For Honor’s Marching Fire update went live this week. While some of the changes it brings can be quite granular, when taken as whole it offers a substantial refresh of Ubisoft’s 20-month-old medieval brawler. For those willing to pay, there are four new fighters. For everyone else, there’s an overhaul of the game’s graphics, as well as the introduction of its best competitive mode yet.


In video games, updates are such old news that it’s weird when a game isn’t consistently tweaked for months or years on end. Other mediums, however, are only just catching on to the magic of patches — and patch notes.


On Tuesday, Blizzard quietly released Hearthstone patch 11.2, whose seemingly-tame purpose was to introduce a limited-time event and a new purchasable card bundle. But the patch came with a few other changes, including "updates" to game mechanics and a long list of "bug fixes" that stirred up some major gameplay issues.

In doing so, the patch has injected some unwelcome chaos into the casual and professional communities both.


Despite still being in Early Access, They Are Billions is already really good. But the version of the game I fell in love with months ago just keeps getting better thanks to a number of smart updates, including the latest, which adds a number of super-powerful new buildings that can be used to help fend off the zombie apocalypse.


As reported previously by our sister site in the UK, Rockstar is removing a number of songs in Grand Theft Auto 4 due to licensing issues. A sizeable patch for the game went live today cutting a lot of songs across all the radio stations, including some classics, while only adding a few back by way of some lesser known Russian tracks, mostly by Seryoga.


Far Cry 5's latest patch released this week on consoles. Although it addressed a number of minor issues with online multiplayer, mission progression, and overall stability, it doesn't appear to have addressed one unique and particularly pernicious bug where some players who complete the game get stuck in a never-ending loop of the end credits.


A princess who's also a witcher, Ciri is far and away one of the best characters in The Witcher 3. She's pretty great in Gwent as well. In fact, she's recently become so popular that CD Projekt Red has decided to nerf her in the game's latest update.


There comes a time when every Hearthstone metagame grows stale and players get tired of seeing the same competitive decks over and over. We hit that point with the latest expansion Kobolds and Catacombs a while ago, but now, with the announcement of a new set of balance changes, we may be in for a major metagame shakeup.