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One of the highlights of PAX Australia is, and always will be, the indies. There's plenty of games to play, from methodical singleplayer titles to frantic co-op couch shooters. I played a bunch over the course of the three day convention, and here's what I'll be keeping an eye on.


I'm standing in a tiny store at PAX Australia. It's a narrow hallway with shelves maybe 3 meters high and 10 or meters deep, and they're filled with board games. I looked around, scouring the shelves for names we recognise more than anything else, until my mate spies something.

It's Machi Koro, a game where mayors race to complete their town. But the back of the box is missing something. So we walked out, headed to the freeplay area, picked up Machi Koro, checked it out and ended up buying the game and expansion over an hour later.

That moment? It's PAX in a nutshell.


"You have to imagine that your body is the controller. Your body is a giant joystick."

I'm getting strapped into a device that's half adult baby bouncer, half obscure exercise machine. I'm wearing a pair of shoes that have also been on the last three people to have tried out the Virtuix Omni, shoes that make your feet slip and slide on the Omni's baseplate as though it's made of ice. I'm living the dream -- full body VR immersion. I look pretty damn stupid.

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Lovehacker is taking a short break from reader questions this week to chat about Australia's biggest gaming convention: PAX! Gamers from around the world will be descending upon Melbourne for some fun, fandom and, if I have anything to do with it, flirting! Not sure where to start on your geeky romance journey? Here are a few tips.


PAX Australia is only a few days away. And whether this is your first time, or your a seasoned attendee, working out what you'll need can be tough. So here's some of our top tips to help get you prepped.


Last week we ran a very simple competition: we had five 3-day PAX Australia badges to give away. All you had to do to enter was tell us what you were most excited to do, see or play at PAX Australia, and you were in the running.

So, I hear you ask: who won?


We're only weeks away from what has been one of the most important, and certainly the most enjoyable, dates on the Australian gaming calendar: PAX Australia. It's a grand three days of frivolity, cosplay, video games, tabletop games, panels, socialising and chilling down in Melbourne.

But as is always the case, some people weren't able to get a ticket. If that's you, good news! We've got a bunch of three-day badges to give away.