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Australian Game Developers Matt Trobbiani and Chris Johnson are best friends. They do everything together. They grew up in Adelaide together. They did a Computer Science degree together. They made video games together, released video games together. But when Matt released Hacknet and Chris Johnson released Expand, everything changed. One game made its creator rich, the other sent its creator broke. Both have to live with the consequences.


Fallout 4 had a huge line for most of the day yesterday -- and if past years are anything to go by, both Saturday and Sunday's lines will be even bigger. Many fans may be hoping for a hands-on with the game, or even a peek at some never-before-seen gameplay footage. Many fans are going to be disappointed.


If you're not fortunate to be down in Melbourne for the next three days, you're only on the convention floor for one or two or you just want to keep in touch with everything interesting at the event, then don't worry -- we've got you sorted.

Right here you'll find absolutely everything we're doing from the show floor, from interviews to news posts to photo diaries to everything in between. We'll keep this at the top of the page so you can always find it, and it'll be regularly updated as PAX rolls on.