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In 2002, Andrew Lum strapped a TV to his chest, a GameCube to his belt and crashed Sony parties. He was paid to do this, but, really, Andrew Lum loves Nintendo. Today, he's making a Nintendo game.


For Dead Space 2 executive producer Steve Papoutsis, PAX East was an amazing opportunity to connect with the fans that could keep the franchise going for "eight billion years".


In our svelte final PAX East cosplay gallery, we bring you the few, the proud, the amazingly-tall Bayonetta, the ex-Kotaku-editor-masquerading-as-a-cosplayer and the Ghostbusters (can you guess who there are protecting us from?)


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This is Grapple Buggy, shown here in Boston at PAX East by Nathan Fouts, the almost-solo developer behind Xbox Live Indie game Weapon of Choice. You can tell which classic Nintendo Entertainment System games he loves.


On the third floor of the Hynes Convention centre in Boston, visitors to the Penny Arcade Expo East get to visit an actual arcade, filled with free-to-play arcade cabinets and pinball machines, just like mother used to make.


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Kotaku previewed new Xbox Live Arcade exclusive Hydrophobia this weekend. The game has some rough spots, but to help you understand this game's potential check out its water effects in this official trailer.


About 30 seconds of gameplay from the upcoming Dead Space 2 was just shown at PAX East during a panel discussion of the game. In it, Isaac flies through a few runaway train cars and zaps a necromorph.