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What is it? Ronin, a turn-based action/platformer hybrid where you play as a teenage ninja girl who needs to plan her moves very carefully.


I thought I'd be showing off a thrilling victory to you today, Kotaku readers. A five-minute saga where a Norse warrior woman defeats a gigantic winter elemental as a taste of a promising indie game yet to come. But, no, I stand before you defeated. Now I want to play Jotun even more.


Lots of video games trap you in places where everything is trying to kill you. But many of those environments at least have the decency to stay the same so you could figure things out. Not Necropolis. You're going to be starting a whole new death march every time you bite the dust.


More than a decade into its lifespan, World of Warcraft is still one of the biggest games in the world. Other games made by Blizzard -- like Starcraft or Diablo -- boast huge sprawling worlds too. But they're trying to make Overwatch a bit more... intimate.


Maybe the problem with the Mega Man franchise is that it needs more "mega" and less "man". A trio of cosplayers prove that point in the second day of our PAX East cosplay spectacular.