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Yesterday, two Fortnite players tied for the 33rd qualifying spot in today’s Summer Skirmish grand finals: The_Real_Cryohme and SSG Colton. The 33rd slot wins a minimum of $US5000 ($6946) and the potential to win far more; today’s first prize winner will take home $US225,000 ($312,572). Only 33 players could advance to the final stage, though. Epic Games had to determine the true last-place finisher with a coin flip.


The three-day finals for Broadcaster Royale, a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tournament featuring 80 duo teams of streamers from around the world, unfolds this weekend at PAX West’s Paramount Theatre. The matches started today at 4AM AEST, streaming on the Broadcaster Royale Twitch channel and also on each competitor’s individual Twitch channel.


People cosplay as all sorts of things. Characters. Plants. Pipes from Mario. Suits of armour. You name it, someone's put together a costume and rocked up to a convention.

A cosplay you don't see that often at conventions, however, is graphics cards. Unless you went to PAX West recently.