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If it weren't a severe breach of protocol I'd just put the giant YES up at the top of the review. But it is. So I won't. Atlus has Persona 4'd the rhythm game. That completely real, don't argue with me verb first cropped up with the release of Persona 4 Arena back in 2012. With Arena Atlus had the nice folks at Arc System Works make a 2D fighting game and then wrapped it in enough story to fill a Japanese visual novel.


The alternative headline for this post was "Hot Blond Dancing In A Teddie", but that would have confused our Japanese readers who know Persona 4's mascot as Kuma.


It's wouldn't be a proper Persona 4 spinoff without tons of crazy costumes. Last week Atlus revealed swimwear for the ladies. This week, something much more entertaining. With a little over a month before Dancing All Night's Japanese Vita release, Atlus demonstrate's the cast's amazing ability to make any outfit work, from swimwear...


Video: No. You can't do this, Persona 4: Dancing All Night. You can't just pull out the 'every day's great at your Junes' jingle out and weaponise it like this. Noooooo. OK, let's be real, I was going purchase the game no matter what. That's just how much I love the characters of Persona 4. Still, I'm in disbelief that not only is Nanako in this game, she's appears to maybe work for Junes!? Or she wears a similar get-up to employees, anyway.