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Peter Molyneux is crying. I'm not sure how to react to this. Legendary game designers don't often get emotional with the press. But here's Molyneux, who has made so many games and done so many interviews over the past two decades, openly weeping into my voice recorder.


Peter Molyneux, rightly or wrongly, has acquired a reputation for making promises he and his team simply can't keep. In a recent interview with Develop, he discussed this reputation, and how the creative process tends to take a 'perfect jewel' of an idea and muddy it all up in the final product.


The spiritual successor to Populous from Peter Molyneux's 22cans is getting a beta release through Steam Early Access on September 13. Here's a trailer to help explain how excited you should be about this.


You may recall Molyjam, a 2012 "game jam" that brought together amateur and professional game developers from around the world to make games based on the weird ideas espoused by the satirical Peter Molydeux Twitter account. That account, of course, was a joke version of the very real game designer Peter Molyneux. Yes, it was all kind of difficult to explain. Lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta silent Xes.


Peter Molyneux became infamous for promising things that were impossible to deliver. So infamous in fact that he spawned an impersonator on Twitter, Peter Molydeux, that made a career out of tweeting game ideas that were so hilariously outlandish they couldn't possibly be real. Then things got even more meta. Molyjam, a 48-hour game jam dedicated to trying to create the games that Molydeux tweeted, was born. It was a huge success, to the point where the real Peter Molyneux attended! Now Molyjam is getting a sequel.


Some people got extremely excited about Curiousity, about what was inside the cube. I fully expected it to be a GIF of Peter Molyneux eating popcorn, or something equally insignificant, but the above video reveals precisely what the actual prize was and I'm sort of disappointed. I expected the winner to be raised inexplicably into the air and surrounded by lightning. Basically I wanted it to be the end of Highlander.