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Time takes its toll on us all, but especially on fictional heroes who exist in constantly updating video games. Theirs is the greatest plight of all, as exemplified by Overwatch’s master of the skies, Pharah.

Pharah is just fine — some might even say perfect, if they are me — but she’s about to be hit with a rocket barrage of changes. Many fans aren’t entirely sure if the reasoning behind them adds up.


Yesterday, Blizzard teased a new skin for the beloved Overwatch hero Pharah, an Egyptian soldier who, along with her mother, served in the Egyptian military. The new skin, though, sends some mixed cultural signals: Pharah is wearing a white, Egyptian-style headscarf, but also bears distinctly Native American patterns across her armour. Earlier this week, we asked Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan about Pharah's controversial background, which yesterday's teased skin may help explain.