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Yesterday, popular YouTuber Philip DeFranco uploaded a video where he claimed that YouTube was "shutting down" his channel due to guideline violations that included "excessive strong language". Since then, panic and confusion have struck the YouTube world, with some wondering if this is the start of an excessive clamp down that would put channels with millions of subscribers out of business.

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Toby Turner, better known as Tobuscus, has been a mainstay of YouTube for over ten years. Between his three channels, he commands an audience of more than 15 million people. During his career as a vlogger, entertainer and musician, he's performed at VidCon, premiered a film at Sundance, successfully crowdfunded a game and has his own action figure. And today, he joins the ranks of Sam Pepper, Mike Lobardo, Tom Milsom, Alex Day and other vloggers on the platform accused of sexual impropriety.