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The battle between flora and the undead has taken many forms over the years, from the original flower defence to full-blown third-person shooter. Now we can officially add collectible card game to the list, with the launch of Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes, aka Hearthstone with lanes.


The steady stream of free content for Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 continues today with the release of Trials of Gnomus. It's got a heavy Gnome theme, a Cats Vs. Dinos game mode and a mysterious, well-dressed vendor named Rux the Deal Breaker. Fun!


Oh, if only this was an actual LEGO set. Well, actually, it can be if enough people vote for it, thanks to LEGO's Ideas program. Which I'm guessing people will do, because even as a pitch it looks as good as you'd expect from the finished product.


Briefly: The PC version of Popcap's online multiplayer shooter will feature all of the free updates already released for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions. There's a deluxe edition up for preorder on Origin containing extra in-game coins and bonus sticker packs.