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Just before the Christmas rush, the makers of Until Dawn released Hidden Agenda, a choose-your-own-adventure cop show. It's an entertaining romp for the most part, involving a Saw-esque killer on the loose and a dirty police department.

But rather than simply trying to unmask the killer, there's also a competitive mode where players get tasks encouraging them to force certain outcomes as the narrative unfolds. It sounds neat in theory, but in practice it ruins the pacing of the game and spoils the fun.


Do you too enjoy sitting back and watching your friends do bad karaoke without the benefit of a friendly reverb or autotune in your house? Congratulations! Singstar is back this week, although this time you don't need to own a crappy microphone; you can just use use your broken smartphone.

And for those who prefer playing anything else, it's a bit of a low-key week. It's mostly dominated by Sony's PlayLink games, with Hidden Agenda and indie titles.

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Every couple of Fridays, we have Jackbox games on the chill-out TV in the middle of our office. Anyone that wants to play brings their phone to tap answers in Quiplash and maybe draw one or two things in Bidiots. It's simple and fun, for an hour or maybe two. It brings people together.

Sony's PlayLink does exactly that, but with more depth -- like serious, long games like Hidden Agenda (from the team that made Until Dawn) as well as party games like Knowledge is Power and That's You! If you've got a PS4 and some friends or family or maybe strangers to play with, it's a tempting proposition.