playstation 5

Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Everything We Know About The PlayStation 5

In June, during an 85-minute event called “The Future of Gaming,” Sony finally revealed the PlayStation 5. Between the presenters who may not have been human, we got a thorough look at plenty of video games (and some technical stuff, too). The info feed surrounding the PS5 has been a slow drip, but, several months ahead of its “holiday 2020” launch, a clear picture is starting to shape up. Here’s everything we know about the PlayStation 5.

Photo: Sony

Early Adopters Might Not Have To Line Up For The PlayStation 5

Early adopters might not have to line up for the PlayStation 5 like they did for the PlayStation 4. Reports in Nikkei and Bloomberg, both citing anonymous sources, say that Sony plans to increase production of the upcoming console from around 5 or 6 million to roughly 10 million units.