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For a while now PlayStation fans have been wondering what’s up with 2018’s PlayStation Experience, PlayStation’s annual fan event, since Sony still hadn’t announced dates for it. Today, Shawn Layden, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, explained that it isn’t happening this year.


This weekend's Playstation Experience unleashed a slew of information about Monster Hunter World. From Mega Man to the Third Fleet, let's take a look at what we now know.


PlayStation Experience was organised a little differently this year with its game showcase taking place two days ago rather than yesterdayday and no real keynote speech. Announcements were a little light as well. Regular games are still getting new VR capability added and hey, MediEvil is getting remastered.


I know you were all worried it might not, but rest easy: Knack 2 exists. Sony has revealed that a sequel to the original launch title for the PS4 is in the works and groovier than ever.


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was revealed today during and will be coming out late next year. Rumours began circulating earlier this week that Capcom would reveal the latest game in its cross-over fighting series at this weekend's PlayStation Experience.


Today in Anaheim, California is the third annual PlayStation Experience, an event for all things PlayStation, including panel discussions, news about upcoming games and even a Street Fighter V world championship tournament. Here's the keynote!


Earlier this month, the PlayStation Experience expo in Las Vegas had a few interesting games on show that'll touch down in 2015, and one of them was Jonathan Blow's highly anticipated The Witness. Some spoiler-free early gameplay was recorded for your viewing pleasure.