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Yes, you're seeing that correctly. That is the cockpit pod of a TIE Fighter with some X-Wing foils strapped around it. I don't know whether to think that it's rad or be personally offended at my beloved X-Wings being used in such a state. Probably a bit of both.


Star Wars' droids are usually meant to be a little bit too cute for their own good -- just look at BB-8! But we also love when that cuteness is subverted with a violent streak, like with Knights of the Old Republic's HK-47, Rebels' Chopper or the Darth Vader comic's Triple Zero and BT. Or, case in point, this astromech from the new Poe Dameron comic.


Fact: The X-Wing books were the best Star Wars books. Double fact: The Rogue Squadron comics from Dark Horse were awesome. Unassailable triple fact: Poe Dameron is the best. Bearing all this in mind, we're just a touch excited about Marvel's upcoming Poe Dameron comic, which seems to be a spiritual successor to the Rogue Squadron tales.