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Starting with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, you can adorn your monsters with "Ribbons" for completing certain quests and contests. One person endeavoured to put all of the available Ribbons from every game on the worst Pokemon possible, recording his months-long journey in a hilarious Ribbon collecting guide.


For months now, we've seen people repeatedly fail Pokemon Sun and Moon's Global Missions, the community missions that net players rewards if they reach certain gameplay goals. Turns out, many players can't even register and log in to Pokemon Global Link, the online service which logs their progress in Global Missions, something that would explain why the online quests are faring so poorly.


A couple of months after Sun and Moon's release, one monster has appeared on 40 per cent of the best-performing teams in the competitive Pokemon scene: Celesteela, the ultra beast. Celesteela's schtick: Becoming a "wall" against opponents, and surviving attacks for very a long time. And yet, for all her popularity, Celesteela's antic of slowing matches to a crawl can be a frustrating for players and spectators alike.