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Full Tilt Poker's domain was seized back in 2011 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the former CEO was sentenced and forced to forfeit assets that included US$40 million in cash and a number of properties two years later.

That's just the tip of the iceberg of the long journey Full Tilt Poker has taken in the last few years. That hasn't stopped Valve from allowing the free-to-play poker software to launch on its distribution platform, though.


News and notes from around the world of sports video gaming: • Major League Baseball 2K12's preliminary round for its $US1 Million Perfect Game Challenge is over, ending at midnight Pacific time on May 1. I'm told 2K Sports is still evaluating all of its data and verifying some late perfect games thrown, but it appears that the field of eight is set.


It's a question proper athletes face all the time. What do you do when you hang up the cleats/boots? Well, if you're Griffin "Flush_Entity" Benger, former pro Counter-Strike player, you make the move from video games to online poker.


The leaves have turned and still Full House Poker's online "Texas Heat" tournament is in day 119 (and counting), stoking fears that the game will head the way of spiritual predecessor 1 vs 100.


If you're wondering who the joker is in the above photo, it's me.

This shot was taken yesterday night on the upper floor of the Vegas Hotel in Kings Cross, where Ubisoft held the Australian launch party for Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Along with a bunch of linked-up Xbox 360s, PS3s with the game were dotted around the bar.

In the back room several rounds of Texas Hold'Em were played. I sat in on one of the later rounds and made it to the final four. That is until the last hand (yes, there was a time limit on the sessions) when ex-Gizmodo AU editor Seamus Byrne cleaned me out with cards that were, as you can imagine, much better than mine. Gun to my head, I think I had a J/6 off-suit, while he had three Queens.

I had a quick go of the game and managed to die within 15 seconds of picking up the controller. I blame the beer.

The game's available as of today, if you'd like to pick it up. Bonus shot of the world's most confused Xbox 360 after the jump.