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The amount of hype behind AMD's Polaris-based line of graphics cards has been nothing short of monumental. It's not hard to see why: when you promise a VR-ready card that only costs a few hundred dollars versus the thousand-plus of the competition, people are bound to get excited.

But when you put the card through its paces, does it live up to the hype? That depends on your expectations.


Pascal. Polaris. It's the big GPU battle of 2016. If you've been following the rumour mill and various discourse from executives over the last few months, the battlelines are starting to become clear: AMD are going to target the mid-range end and below, while NVIDIA will be trying to knock it out of the park at the top end.

But it's all bluster, because we haven't seen any actual benchmarks yet. This morning, however, the first inklings of something firm began to emerge.