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All we've seen so far of "Project Copernicus" the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO lost in the collapse of developer 38 Studios, are still shots and videos of in-game environments. It's helped build up the idea that the game might have been pretty, but it wasn't any good. Curt Schilling, the 38 Studios owner, himself said "the game wasn't fun" and that nobody was playing it inside the studio.


Curt Schilling's 38 Studios fell apart due to a combination of poor management, bad decisions, and a whole lot of missed deadlines. And Schilling says their massively multiplayer online game -- which was shuttered when the studio shut down earlier this year -- just wasn't fun.


In a week filled with video-game related drama, one of the main stages has starred 38 Studios. The developer, based in Providence, Rhode Island, is evidently out of money, and can't repay their loans. Worse, the loan in question was from the state of Rhode Island, potentially leaving taxpayers footing the bill for incomplete MMO development. So with the situation changing almost hourly, here's everything we know about the saga of 38 Studios.