China’s Communist Mouthpiece Wants Less Sex In Gaming

Sex sells. It’s a cheap and simple ploy that video game marketers have used for years. The Chinese game industry is no different. In recent years, famous Japanese adult film stars have been tapped to represent and market games to consumers, but now, one of the country’s biggest newspapers has…

China’s Military Says Pacific Rim Is American Propaganda

Pacific Rim is doing very well in China, despite some tiny subtitle problems, proving again that the Chinese love giant robots. However, even with all the popularity, the Chinese military isn’t very happy, claiming that the movie is nothing more than propaganda to spread “American values and ideas”.

Armada Of The Damned Is All About Choices

Armada Of The Damned Is All About Choices

I briefly sat down with Alex Peters, Propaganda’s game director for Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, who stressed the importance of choice in Disney’s upcoming action role-playing game.