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Usually, when a new form factor existing video game hardware debuts, there's a corresponding change in the asking price. But the upcoming re-design of the PlayStation 3 seem to buck that trend, with the 250 GB bundle announced this week set to go for $US270. Prices on older models -- a 160 GB version starts at $US250 and a 320 GB sibling at $US300 -- aren't moving either. Sony's explanation says that consumers don't want a price change. Say what?


The PS3 Slim isn't just slim, it's also lighter than the previous model of the console. Which means it's slightly easier to take the thing on the road. Hence this portable gaming rig.


Federal agents typically used $US11,000 computers to crack passwords to the seized hard drives of suspected child pornographers. Now they're using $US300 PlayStation 3s to pull off the same task.