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What happens when you take one of the staples of gaming and transform it into a sensory experience? That's the question I'd like you to answer for this week's Community Review.


When I'm in the mood to play a video game, I'll grab my Switch, a PS4 controller, maybe my Xbox One controller or my 3DS or perhaps my phone. I've got lists of games I'm eager to start or continue on those devices. None of them require me to unwrap the cords of a special headset, attach it to my face, ensure any proprietary controllers are charged and block myself off from my co-workers, family or all of my virtual pals on social media.


Moss is a PlayStation VR game that takes you on a journey through a whimsical fairytale world in which you control Quill, an adorable mouse. She's equipped with a sword and shield, but she needs the player, who acts as a hooded guide called a "reader," to help her unravel the mysteries of a mysterious glowing glass shard.


Action RPGs such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim have gotten VR versions, as has Doom, but The Last Guardian demo offers a completely different sandbox in which to test the technology. No guns or dragons, just some kid playing in some ruins with some really funky looking bird-dog-cat. It's also free. If you have a PS VR headset and any ounce of you is human and still has a heart, go try The Last Guardian VR demo right now.


Atop a single bed in his barracks dorm room, Justin Ng was daydreaming again. He'd been conscripted to the Armed Forces - a statutory requirement of all Singaporean citizens. At night he'd borrow comics books, whittle the hours away drawing over and over.

Justin Ng didn't want to be a soldier. No.

Justin Ng wanted to make video games.


When I think about fishing, I think about relaxation: Chilling out somewhere beautiful in the sun, watching the shimmering water, waiting for fish to bite. Admittedly all of my real-life fishing experiences took place in the rain-drenched Highlands of Scotland and were absolutely horrendous, but video games are about escapism. I hadn't read much about Monster of the Deep, the Final Fantasy 15-themed VR fishing game, before playing it, so I assumed that would be the vibe.

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The two biggest names in gaming are gearing up for a heated head-to-head battle in the lead-up to Christmas.

In one corner is Microsoft with the 4K-enabled Xbox One X. That goes up against Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro which launched last year, and while Sony has undoubtedly come out on top in terms of number of consoles sold so far this hardware generation, Microsoft will soon have the most powerful machine.


Announced during the PlayStation press conference at E3 2017, Moss is a virtual reality action-adventure puzzle game starring a brave mouse named Quill. The player acts as the game's camera, but they're also a character in the world. A character with an adorable little rodent friend.


One of the games shown in Sony's PlayStation VR montage at E3 this year was 'The Inpatient', a a VR horror game by the studio behind the 2015 horror hit Until Dawn. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that a building featured prominently in one scene was actually one of the main locations from Until Dawn: The Blackwood Pines Sanatorium. Supermassive later confirmed that yes, this game is in fact a prequel to the earlier teen horror.