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Inspired by the original demo on their PS4 hard drive, one 17-year-old developer opted to bring P.T. back from the dead. After a month of datamining the demo, studying speed runs and watching walkthroughs of the game, one user rebuilt the cancelled Silent Hills trailer entirely in Unreal Engine 4.

Naturally, Konami came calling -- but with a surprise twist.

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No matter how good a horror movie is, it'll never quite match the horrifying feeling of being in control of the main character's desperate struggle for survival. Horror games are uniquely terrifying for their interactivity - you're not allowed to just close your eyes when things get scary. Here's our pick of the five scariest horror games every horror junkie needs to play.


It may be a rare sight today, but a demo is one of the best things an upcoming game can do for its audience. Of course, not all demos are created equal - the best demos generate excitement and set expectations for what's to come, while the worst demos convince us not to buy. What makes a great demo?


Alien Isolation is one of my favourite games ever. I tell people this all the time, I discuss the game in depth, I recommend it to everyone -- only, I've never actually finished it.

The game is just so long -- which isn't a bad thing when you like a game, but with a genre like horror, sometimes shorter is better. In fact, the genre is just crawling with amazing, contained experiences, many of them free to download: here are my favourite six.


I'm walking through a damp, dingy corridor and somewhere a woman is crying. The sound makes me nervous but I can't quite figure out why. And then she appears -- a female figure, disfigured and indistinct, twitching in a way no human being moves. I stare for one second too long and then she has me -- she's in my face, attacking, ripping and tearing my flesh as the screen fades to black. But I'm not playing P.T.


An impossible space. A vengeful ghost. Eerie silence. P.T. was like nothing we had ever seen before when it was quietly pushed to the PlayStation Store in August of 2014, and when the news came that Silent Hills had been cancelled, we all thought we would never see its like again. However the game has proved an inspiration for a number of indie horror developers, and the latest of these is SadSquare Studio's Visage.