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We're all familiar with what zombies want to eat, but has anyone tried feeding them something else? Burgers, perhaps? The PixelJunk people at Q-Games give it a try in their first virtual reality game, Dead Hungry, and it works like a charm. Who knew?


In my opinion, Q-Games' PixelJunk Shooter and Shooter 2 are the best twin-stick shooters on the PlayStation 3. Later this year, Double Eleven is combining both into PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate for the PS4 and Vita. Here are nine reasons it will be even best-ier than before.


In space, soup is a nasty business. You'll need to build bases that defend automatically themselves from attackers and jump your way to remote locations for out-of-the-ordinary ingredients. But, even in the far future of Pixeljunk Inc., people need their stews.