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Machetes that automatically seek out enemies. Shotguns with sonic blasts. Slide kicks that would fit right at home in Bulletstorm or Apex Legends. And black holes that suck in enemies like you're Maya. That's the general gist of what to expect in the latest batch of Rage 2 footage.


With 2019 arriving in just a few weeks, it's time to start looking ahead to next year.

Things kick off soon with the launch of a long-awaited sequel, Kingdom Hearts 3, in January. Some major games are expected in 2019: The Last of Us: Part II on PlayStation 4 and a brand new Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch are the early highlights.


From Metacritic scores to How Long To Beat completion times, there are plenty of numbers that players reference when deciding to buy a game. Gaming storefront Green Man Gaming has another metric: Average Cost Per Hour. 2015's Doom is said to cost $US1.24 ($2) per hour. Frostpunk is $US4.57 ($6) an hour. These are strange numbers that reveals the pitfall of breaking games down into pretty little numbers.