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A group of students in Norway thought it would be funny to sign up to compete in Rainbow Six Siege, a game they've barely played, at one of the region's biggest seasonal esports events, DreamHack Winter 2019. The stunt worked: Due to a shortage of signups for the event, Minigolfgutta ("mini golf boys") will now be competing against some of the game's veteran teams on the main stage at this weekend's LAN.


Earlier this month, Ubisoft announced that it would be removing visual and text references to sex and gambling in Rainbow Six: Siege ahead of the game's launch in Asian territories.

The changes were meant to allow Ubisoft to have a "singular global version of the game", and were due to be patched in with Operation Wind Bastion. Following widespread backlash, Ubisoft has changed tack.


Earlier this year, Ubisoft said it would be implementing stricter moderation in Rainbow Six Siege to find and sanction players using hate speech. Recently, players have started noticing an uptick in bans being issued and have been discussing it on the game’s subreddit. A few even took to Twitter to complain.


Annemunition, a popular Twitch streamer with over 300,000 followers, was just trying to be a decent teammate and call shots in Rainbow Six Siege. Then, over voice chat, came the questions: "Are you a man or a female?" And the accusations: "You stole my fucking content. You're shit at the game. Get out."


Ubisoft's personal gaming assistant, previously only available in Canada, is now out worldwide. Its name is Sam, a nod to Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell fame, although Michael Ironside doesn't do the voice (sorry, Stephen). Embedded in the Ubisoft Club app, Sam sounds like any other AI that might reside on your phone, although instead of giving you directions to the nearest coffee shop it tells you about Ubisoft video games.


The 2018 Rainbow Six: Siege Invitational came to a close today, with Evil Geniuses and Penta Sports vying for the title of world champion. EG got off to an early 2-0 lead, but a resilient Penta turned the tables, going back and forth until the teams found themselves in the final rounds of overtime.


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