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Instead of giving players a deep, involved character creation tool, Sea of Thieves generates groups of eight pirate characters at a time, of which the player can choose one. One might think that would make character selection easier. One would be wrong.


Yogg-Saron is one of the most random cards in Hearthstone, a digital card game that loves randomness. Dropping it is usually -- always -- a gamble, so when Hearthstone pro Thijs Molendijk dropped it with one health against a stacked board, he was leaving the game up to one last chance.


Letty's Sting Ray from The Fate of the Furious showed up as a premium microtransaction in CSR Racing 2 earlier this week. It cost $US4.99 ($6) to unlock. Or $US14.99 ($19). Or $US34.99 ($45). According to Zynga, prices for the premium vehicle were set to random as part of a feature test. Really.