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The core innovation of Super Mario Odyssey is Mario's companion, Cappy. Cappy is a hat that can magically possess everything from non-living objects to living characters. Toss Cappy at an enemy, and the enemy will sprout a Mario moustache and a signature red hat. Mario gains full control over the creature's movements and abilities.


Monster Hunter: World is a showcase of the best creature design in video games. From fire-breathing wyverns to weird birds to elder dragons, the game's monsters are impressively realistic for imaginary creatures. But which one is the best?


Climbing the competitive ranks in League of Legends is one of the boldest, most arduous things a modern gamer can do -- one that's ultimately rewarded at the end of each annual season with juicy exclusive rewards. This year, however, some ranked players might not get anything at all. The reason why has many up in arms.


As a series, Gears of War likely has the best weapons in any shooter, period. Many of these weapons are surprisingly creative -- a chainsaw on an assault rifle?! -- and nearly all of them feel great to use.