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There's no shortage of competition in the capture card market these days, whether you're looking to record footage on consoles or PC. And considering Razer already supplies peripherals for every other aspect of broadcasting -- mice, mousepads, keyboards, headsets, microphones, even the Razer Blade laptop -- it only makes sense for them to get into the capture card game, too.

Unfortunately, the Ripsaw costs a lot. And when you can get the same hardware and performance -- almost literally, in fact -- elsewhere for substantially less, it makes the Ripsaw a hard sell.


Razer effectively has one foot in the world of streaming and broadcasting with its range of headsets and studio-grade microphones. So it's hardly a surprise to see the peripheral manufacturer try to corner every aspect of the production process with a product to match.

But while the thought of having a Razer capture card to match your microphone, mouse, mouse pad, keyboard and laptop might be appealing, there's one small problem -- it's pretty damn expensive.