reader reviews

  • Reader Review: WipEout 2048

    I’ve spent a fair amount of time with my PS Vita now (mostly with Rayman: Origins) and WipEout 2048 is being cited as one of the must have launch titles. Is this a fair evaluation? Reader Review regular Ben Latimore investigates…

  • Reader Review: Anno 1404

    I’m always happy to let someone else take the reins here at Kotaku and write a reader review or two – especially when that man is Adam Ruch, who has become a bit of a regular contributor here. Adam is currently writing a PhD on the subject of video games, so it’s safe to say…

  • Reader Review: Deadly Premonition

    I haven’t had the chance to play Deadly Premonition, despite the fact it’s been out for a while, but it’s attracted quite the cult following. Jonno Phillips is on hand with this reader review to help guide you through one of the strangest games ever conceived.

  • Reader Reviews: Monday Night Combat

    I consider myself a bit of an Xbox LIVE Arcade connoiseur, but I totally missed out on Monday Night Combat when it was initially released. Now that it’s been released on Steam, we’ve had a review sent in from Grandmaster B-Funk to get us all up to date on this overlooked gem.