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The Take-Two booth at E3 makes all other publishers look sweaty and sloppy. No insult to the others, really, because they're just doing what game publishers do. They have got their games and their logos and their trailers and lines of people wanting to play stuff. Take Two's got four walls of serenity.


When the world's video game marketers shuffle off this mortal coil, they will be judged for their sins. We like to think there will be a separate inquiry devoted just to superfluous special editions, where the worst offenders are cast into the ninth circle of hell.


It's been nearly a year since GTAForums member RedDagger started a thread dedicated to "landmark analysis" of Red Dead Redemption 2 -- a game that, at the time, was still nowhere close to coming out. "The aim is to get an idea of real-world locations within the game, and hopefully recreate the in-game map, using official trailers and screenshots," RedDagger wrote.