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I've played approximately two billion video games this year. Narrowing that list down to 10 was a painful and bloody process, but I finally managed to choose my favourite games from one of the most exciting years in recent memory.


Getting locked in a room causes a lot of anxiety. Getting locked in a room modelled after Resident Evil's Spencer Mansion? That's downright scary. The Resident Evil Escape Experience seeks to capture all the intrigue and puzzle solving from the famous horror series. I set out to solve its secrets last night and had an absolute blast.


The Resident Evil series has always been polarising. While recognised as a classic, the first game with its fixed camera angles and tank-like controls could be massively off-putting. Resident Evil 4 again divided players with its revamped, more action-orientated take and with RE5, it was the addition of co-op. We all agree the sixth instalment was naff, which forced Capcom into reboot territory. Despite playing with fire by going first-person, the result, as Honest Game Trailers explains, is rather good.