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Resistance 3's boat level. Talk about badly-designed encounters. True, it's the first time you really get to crank out the game's shotgun, but on the hardest difficulty, running around that tiny excuse for a seaworthy vessel practically eating the contents of the ammo chest and wall-mounted health pack on a second-by-second basis made it the most frustrating fights for me. So you can imagine I'm not that psyched to check out the supposed April Fools' Day content hidden there.


After the flawed Resistance 2, a game that drained the joy from the PlayStation 3's once very promising shooter series, Insomniac Games comes closer to hitting its target with its third game set amongst the human-Chimera war. All it took to get Resistance 3 back on track was a bullet in the head.


In a room at Insomniac Games, Jon Paquette has taken over a wall. The writer of Resistance 3 has covered the surface in sticky notes: one colour to indicate what happens where, another colour highlighting the major beats of the game, and another pinpointing precisely what he wants the player to feel at each point.


We would never call master filmmaker Freddie Wong a sell-out. But, the use of the SharpShooter and the Resistance 3 setting (with animations by Insomniac Games), right as both are part of a big ad campaign, does make it seem this was, well, commissioned.


Resistance 3's writer, Jon Paquette, is coming to Australia next week, and while Kotaku will be interviewing him in person when he lands on our shores (we've bought him a leg of ham as a welcoming gift), Jon will also be taking questions from the Kotaku community!