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I've chopped, smashed, and stabbed more medieval bodies in the past few days than I can count. I've also been cut open, impaled, and beheaded more times than I care to admit. Kill and be killed — that's the proposition at the heart of For Honor, a game in which burly men and women swing crafted hunks of metal at one another until someone eventually bites it. It's a humble vision, but one the game manages to turn into an art form all its own.


On first glance, Nioh does not seem remarkable. A generic looking action RPG in the vein of Dark Souls, Nioh seems more like a lost Playstation 2 curiosity than a killer AAA exclusive. Ignoring it would be a terrible mistake though. Nioh is one of the best action titles in years, packed with exciting combat and genuine heart.


If Football — that is, the American National Football League football — used the same naming scheme as "Dungeons & Dragons", we'd call it "Beer Commercials & Cheerleaders". Like dungeons and dragons, beer commercials and cheerleaders are two things that not everyone likes. They are also, however, not The Point of their respective games: they are simply nouns which evoke an atmosphere. You either buy into that atmosphere body and soul — or you don't.


Horror games are a difficult thing to get right. They can feel like carnival attractions, full of overblown scares, or have so little horror that they elicit nothing but eye rolls. Resident Evil 7 gets it right. It's a scary and violent blast of survival horror that sneaks up behind you before plunging a chainsaw in your gut. 


Sun sets on Neo San Francisco. Weather control units conjure fresh snow. Robots assist their masters and genetic hybrids take to the streets to protest for their rights. Turing guides me to a local nightclub to meet our contact. If we don't get a new lead soon, the scoop of a lifetime will be lost.