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An old family friend used a phrase when he'd burnt out on something. He called it "Mallomar-ing." When he was younger, a relative of his used to love Mallomar cookies. They are sickly sweet chocolate covered marshmallows, and he'd eat them at every opportunity. Eventually, they started making him sick, and soon after that he couldn't even look at Mallomar, even though he'd once loved them. I'm not sure if I've Mallomar-ed Dragon Age: Inquisition. But I do think that I can no longer rely on this game as the comfort food it once was.


When I first met Sera it was hate at first sight. She's a member of the enigmatic Red Jennies, a group of subversive agents trying to undermine abusive nobles. She leaves you letters in various places around Val Royeaux and instructs you to meet her late at night for a rendevouz. There, you run into a haughty noble, which she promptly arrows in the throat. I was on board. Then she opened her mouth.