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It’s a cold enough winter to hibernate here in video game land, but esports does not rest. This weekend brings us a packed lineup of Smash, League, Heroes and Fortnite, as well as multiple PUBG and Rocket League tournaments.


The inaugural season of Gfinity's Australian city-based esports league wrapped up over the weekend with a southern rout. Having solidified their position in the finals of all three games, Melbourne Order turned the weekend into a whitewash, taking home the trophy in all three matches and the club championship to boot.


Pay-to-win games are garbage. Loot boxes are passe. Cosmetics are cute, but not a great incentive to keep playing. Game publishers have cycled through a bevy of monetisation gimmicks aimed at keeping gamers putting cash into their games, some more successful than others. Now, more and more of them seem to be coalescing around a new idea - the "battle pass".


Cloud9 has secured a neat 3-0 at the end of its match this weekend against Out of Style in the Rocket League championship series. Mariano "Squishy" Arruda was not content to let the game end at the zero, however, and caught the ball at just the last second for a game of keepie uppie.


Rocket League is a game with very little randomness. It's mostly about the physics of rocket-powered cars slamming into giant balls. But during today's Rocket League championship series matches, the one aspect of randomness in the game made a surprise appearance: respawning.


The British are coming and they're bringing an esports competition with them. Starting this week, Gfinity's Challenger series lets you show your skills and - if you kick enough ass - you can get drafted into their Elite series where pro teams will compete for $450,000 in prizes.


If lush jungles and representing the Empire sounds like your cup of tea, then this week has a new Star Wars game for you: Battlefront 2. And if you like returning to worlds you've visited before, you can buy Skyrim all over again.

This week is really about the remakes and remasters. There's a re-release of Pokemon Sun/Moon, L.A. Noire, Rocket League, Outlast and the consoles finally get The Sims 4.


Rocket League has been steadily growing as a scene, both fostering its own league and spotlighting on networks like NBCSN. It's easy to see why -- rocket-car soccer is inherently simple to understand as a spectator. The high-flying automotive game has space for wild plays, but when it comes to competitive action, simple has proven better.