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Imagine: You're playing Link to the Past, the seminal Super Nintendo action-adventure game, and you walk into a fortune-teller's house, where you'd expect to find a soothsayer taking rupees in exchange for hints.

Instead, the screen goes black for a few seconds. Suddenly you're on Zebes, fighting aliens as a suited bounty hunter. Whoops, you've just walked into Super Metroid.


For decades, Sonic the Hedgehog has inspired an obsessive fandom that's been difficult to separate from the uneven quality of the games. Fans have created impressive art, music, and even games that pay tribute to the series and its characters. Some of these creations are so impressive, that SEGA brought on fans to create the much-hyped Sonic Mania.


If Nintendo isn't going to make more Metroid games then it's up to fans to keep the series going with games like Metroid: Rogue Dawn, an unofficial prequel to the original NES Metroid that's been over two years in the making and which is now finished.