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Earlier this year, Rooster Teeth held their first international convention, RTX Australia, in Sydney. Now the online entertainment company have announced that the convention is returning on February 4-5 – as RTX Sydney.


Many of the panels at last weekend's RTX Australia offered the opportunity to watch live versions of the group's online content -- with everything from live let's plays to podcast filmings. One of the panels was a little different, however, letting the audience interact with characters Yang and Ruby from the animated web series RWBY in real time.


Do you ever wonder why we’re here?

I wondered a bit as I stood in line for a line for The Patch panel, unable to see past the con attendees who loomed above me on all sides. A volunteer corralled us, repeating lines learnt by rote. “This is the end of the line for The Patch. Line up here if you are here for The Patch. Please be aware that if you are past this point you will not be guaranteed entry.” Through the forest of people, I eyed the line for X-Ray and Vav across the way. Would I have a better chance of actually seeing something over there?

This was Red vs Blue creator Rooster Teeth’s first international convention, held at the Australian Technology Park over the weekend. And as with any new endeavour on such a scale, there were bound to be problems.


Freddie Wong is feeling old.

"I did not know until two days ago," he says, "that Netflix and chill was a euphemism. I thought we were just gonna watch Netflix and not do anything else. I was okay with that.

"Do I need someone to help me out here? To help me keep up with this stuff?"