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If you thought $1900 was a lot to pay for a GPU, then look away now. Nvidia this morning confirmed that the Titan RTX would be part of its ray tracing accelerated GPU lineup, and it comes at quite the price: $4000.


About a hundred or so journalists, YouTubers and other tech media had just sat through about three hours of dense presentations. It was the middle of the Nvidia Editor's Day, which was essentially a day where various Nvidia executives break down the architecture of their upcoming graphics cards in exhausting detail.

It was gruelling, particularly if you're not a polymath. But when the crowd broke up a little, and we wandered into an adjacent room to mess with some tech demos in person, a couple of Australians started chatting about some of the techniques that the general gaming populace would start to see in the coming months.

And there's one technique in particular that could have a particular impact.


If you were hoping to get hands-on with some ray-tracing or some neural network-powered anti-aliasing techniques, and you wanted to fork out almost two grand for the impact ... well, you'll have to wait a little longer.


You probably don't remember the last time Hideo Kojima visited Australia. For some reason I do. He visited this strange, one-off games event in Perth.

Almost ten years ago.

But Kojima is coming. He is blessing us with his presence at RTX Sydney (the Rooster Teeth Expo) early next year. To celebrate, here is a supplied photograph of Hideo Kojima thoughtfully holding a globe.

You're welcome.


Earlier this year, Rooster Teeth held their first international convention, RTX Australia, in Sydney. Now the online entertainment company have announced that the convention is returning on February 4-5 – as RTX Sydney.


Season 2, episode 2 of Static is here: We chat about how many of your Facebook friends are actually friends, why on Earth people line up for stuff (RTX, In-And-Out pop ups), the pros and cons of open plan offices, and you ask us -- what's the nerdiest way to ask someone out on a date?

We also chat to Stef Dawson, best known as Annie Cresta from The Hunger Games.