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Few commercial developers make the source code for their games available to the playing public for obvious reasons. However, for developer Running With Scissors and it's 20-year old game Postal, those reasons aren't so relevant. So, in the spirit of, uh, curiosity, the company has uploaded the title's source, allowing anyone to take a peek.


Running With Scissors' Postal 2, the insane first-person shooter where you rampage through the small town of Paradise in Arizona, was released on April 14, 2003. It's old. You can get it for a few bucks at GOG, it's that old. And yet, over eleven years after it first came out, Postal 2 is getting a new expansion pack.


When the mainstream debate turns to violent video games, it's inevitable that someone will dredge up Postal. It's like the triple dog dare, or comparing someone to Hitler, a completely bogus trump card with no real argumentative value.


CD Projekt's DRM-free classic PC game service GOG.com ditches class in favour of crass with the addition of Running With Scissors infamous Postal series.


The first annual Tuscon Comic Con took place this past Saturday in Tuscon, Arizona, and Postal developer Running With Scissors was there as the only, and perhaps last video game company represented at the show. Confused fans were given a preview of the upcoming Postal III, and while their 'lovable' mascot Krotchy was banned they still let studio head Vince Desi attend. Go figure.

RWS character Krotchy wasn't permitted entry due to the large number of under-18 year olds. However, copies of the M rated "Postal" DVD were given away as prizes because "that's the way we roll," explained RWS' own Iron Man, Vince Desi, adding: ""Holy Crap, Batman! Tucson's first Comic Con was Da-sheet." Then, turning briefly serious, Desi concluded, "It's a real boner... I mean honour for RWS to be a part of this premier event."


Uwe Boll's epic masterpiece Postal has now been released on the unsuspecting DVD purchasing public, complete with a Uwe commentary, deleted scenes, special features, and a copy of Postal 2 for the PC. The news is so unexciting that even bombastic Running With Scissors boss Vince Desi can barely muster a crude joke about it.

"Own a piece of history! Only buying the DVD will get you the full complete outrageous movie and game, sadly the rental version is edited down and doesn't include the infamous Postal games-so don't get beat renting it." explained Vince Desi. "The Postal Movie on DVD means EVERYONE will have the opportunity to see it, even Usama Bin-Laden from his cave won't want to miss this".

The DVD version carries an MSRP of $US 26.99, with the Blu-ray version at $US 34.99, but Amazon has the DVD for $US 22.99 and the Blu-ray at an extremely cheap $US 19.99, plus you get the benefit of not having to show your face in a store.


Postal III ups the Postal bar. And that's not easy! Sure, the upcoming third-person Postal title features franchise standards like setting people on fire and shooting the crap outta everything. Postal III offers new weapons like the Badger Saw. (Instead of simply carrying around a chainsaw, the Postal Dude packs a large badger, which he uses to shred people to bits.)

This time around, the Postal Dude gets his first job in a porn shop/strip club, working as a jizz mopper with a vacuum cleaner strapped to his back. The Postal Dude sucks up drenched tissues and can fire them at things like portly soccer mums who are protesting porn or pole dancing strippers, drenching both in, um, white goo. However! It's not possible to suck up porn shop dildos or butt-plugs or fists with the vacuum cleaner. Running With Scissors honcho Vince Desi says:


Randy "The Cowboy Guy In The Village People" Jones will be appearing in the upcoming shooter Postal III, Running With Scissors announced today.

Jones will appear as the leader of a gay biker gang in the game. Good to see that Postal isn't into type casting or anything. When not appearing in Postal III video games, Jones is still plugging away on his music career with a new CD and international concert tour. Starting this weekend he will also be starting in the Broadway musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Hmmm, I wonder which of these he's not going to put on his resume.

Full release on the jump.


Statistically speaking, the chance of you catching Uwe Boll's Postal in the theatre is extremely low, and now that we are all feeling either saddened or mildly bemused at his plight with the film adaptation of Running With Scissors' over-the-top game franchise I'm sure we're itching to catch the film when it hits retail outlets. We'll have our chance on August 26th, the day newbie blu-ray publisher UMVD Visual Entertainment has slated for the high-definition release. High-Def Digest has an interesting description for the release in their announcement post.


I know what you woke up thinking this morning: "How can I possibly wait until Uwe Boll's masterpiece POSTAL hits theatres May 23rd?" Well, my friends...if for some reason you are reading the site while standing, grab a seat. Early screenings will run in both New York (April 1st at the Tribeca Film Centre) and Chicago (April 3rd at the Lake Street Screening Room).

And if you'd like to see the film for free, you can dig up their Facebook profile and make a comment about the movie on their wall before March 28th—five pairs of tickets will be given away to the group. Play nice. Here's the full show info:


I'm not sure if I pity Verne Troyer or envy him. Here is a tiny little man who makes a living being a smaller, more abrasive version of other people. People dress him up as say, Indiana Jones, and then film him saying things like, "This is a message for Indiana Jones. I'll fuck you up!" in his little tiny voice. It's all part of a contest over at the Postal movie's MovieSet web page, which plays up the "hopelessly outclassed" marketing angle Uwe Boll's people have cooked up. After watching the clip you are challenged to guess what's in Verne's sack for a chance to win the contents, but I don't think any of us really want to know what Verne is carrying around in his sack. Best just to hit the link, view the clip, and leave such questions unpondered.

Mini Indy Calls Out Big Indy


Postal developer Running With Scissors has issued a press release confirming a May 23rd theatrical release for Uwe Boll's Postal film - the same weekend Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opens. RWS CEO Vice Desi previously made mention of the target date during GDC, explaining that no other movies would be going up against Indy, so they could fill a void. While Desi knows that most of the movie's money comes will come from DVD sales, Boll has other ideas.

"We will go out and destroy Indiana Jones at the box office!" thundered a confident Uwe "Raging" Boll of the first film to win him positive reviews, even from the video game community.

I have to believe at this point that this statement was made with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Hell, if Martin Scorsese said something like this I would be rolling around on the floor giggling. There's no way anyone without a Raging Bull under their belt could really be this confident. At this point Uwe Boll has crafted a better character for himself than will ever appear in his films.