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This is a photo of our indomitable morning editor Amanda having her first experience with virtual reality. She's renowned in the office for her sardonic wit and deadpan delivery. It's fitting given she's also one of the more cynical when it comes to new films, new games and new tech.

This photo is the most outwardly excited I've seen Amanda since I've known her. And that uninhibited joy: That was the same reaction from everyone else who tried the Gear VR.


While it's fun to look at how far things have come on consoles and home PCs, the reality is the most rapid growth in computing power is happening on mobiles. That was made evidently clear at the World Mobile Congress, with Samsung showing off a feature in their latest Galaxy S7 that would fit right at home with any PC.


The first release version of Vulkan is finally out, and while the performance gains on PC aren't quite there yet the low-level graphics API has got an awful lot of developer support.

Part of the appeal is thanks to the platform-agnostic nature of the API, and that was something Epic helped show off this morning at the World Mobile Congress. As part of the presentation for the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Unreal Engine makers showed off a tech demo showcasing -- with the help of Vulkan -- just how far mobile graphics have come.