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Cool beans, Casual Prolix worked out that yesterday's game was Company of Heroes. Let's see if anyone can guess today's.


Okay, nobody guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku. Let's see if today's hint for the same game jogs any memories.


Nobody managed to guess last week's ScribbleTaku. I don't blame you, those pictures were terrible. It was Epistory.


Nobody could work out what yesterday's generic swirl was. Let's see if today's clue tweaks anyone's memories.


There's no getting anything past you lot. Deku-tri correctly guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku as Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories after just nine minutes. Must've been the funny shaped cards and unnecessary belt that gave it away.


WiseHacker almost immediately guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku as Mario Paint. Let's pretend that I was trying to start the week off with an easy one.


I have some terrible, terrible news for you all. While Alex is off on holidays, I'm in charge of the site and that means I'm doing Scribbletaku again.


Fred Veg, take a bow. Their guess of Resident Evil - RE1 specifically - was right on the money, with the drawing coming from the inventory screen.

Let's see how you go with today's game.


Dino Crisis 2 failed to ring a bell, apparently. Guess dodging ragey dinosaurs isn't to most people's tastes.

Maybe this will strike a stronger chord.


Well done to Khadaji, who picked yesterday's game (or got it from Facebook) as Ant Attack for the Spectrum ZX. The platform of choice whenever we want to stump people.

But let's go something a bit more widespread for today's game.


Bloody hell. Blood Apathy didn't have much trouble with Friday's game. It was Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries, which came to mind because I'd been looking at a bunch of BattleTech footage this week.


Come on, people. You couldn't recognise ARL 96? People were guessing Tron games and American football before the greatest rugby game ever made. Shameful.

Redeem yourselves.


Good job Captain Awesome (via Gemini) for spotting yesterday's game: Theme Park. You can probably hear the kids vomiting from too much sugar in front of the bouncy castle right now. Ah, what a game.


We have a new champion! EX-Rayted finally knocked off yesterday's game: it was the classic SimTower, one of the best things to ever bear the Maxis brand. Never quite got into Yoot Tower the way I did with SimTower. Sometimes you just need to play something at the right time.

Anyway, new game. Let's go.


Everyone was thinking along the right lines on Friday with the last ScribbleTaku. But while you had the open-world part down well, it wasn't actually an RPG in the traditional sense. It was the MicroProse version of Magic: The Gathering, otherwise known as Shandalar.


Well, if you put a hint in someone's going to spot it. And of course, who else but Casual Prolix noticed that yesterday's game was The Adventures of Robin Hood. A game which had Kevin Costner on the cover, by the way.

Anyway, new game. Let's not mess around.


The most recent scribble was Mega Man 3. Casual Prolix got it again. Again. Your hit rate is too good.

It's time to take extreme action. Prepare yourselves.