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And literally one minute after posting, astrogirl nailed yesterday's game as Wizball. Maybe I've been going a little too easy on you all this week. So let's see how we go today.


Crotchdot was the first out of the gate - quite quickly, I might add - with Stunt Car Racer for yesterday's ScribbleTaku. And he was right - it was the Ski Jump track. Geoff Crammond really did make some amazing titles back in the day. I had a bit of trouble getting Grand Prix 2 to work recently, but maybe I'll take another stab soon.

Anyway, it's time for a new game.


Hello! I'm back. And we haven't had a ScribbleTaku for a few days. Let's fix that up right now.


Yesterday's game was World Games, although I feel a shoutout has to go to Tigerion for naming it the Mark Serrels home video.

This will be my last ScribbleTaku until late next week, so time to make it a good one!


And jengaship was the first one yesterday to pick Tomba - or Tombi, depending on whether you got the PAL or NTSC version - as the scribbled game in question. Nice work! Let's see how you all do today.


Two out of two. It took just over 15 minutes before nexi nailed yesterday's ScribbleTaku as Kid Icarus, specifically the SNES version. A few others picked the game as well, but nexi was the fastest out of the blocks. Nice spot.

Let's see if I can't jingle those memory banks again with today's game.


Good work cffndncr - yesterday's game was Dungeon Keeper 2, one of the imps from the HUD to be precise. I really should go back and play Dungeon Keeper, actually.

But time for a new game - and something a bit memorable.


It finally took cameronj to break the ScribbleTaku at the end of the week. The first hint was the crouching/standing status icon on Swat 4's HUD, followed by the list of orders you could give your squadmates. The game had popped back up in my feeds recently, so I figured I'd throw it out there and see if anyone got it.


The most recent ScribbleTaku wasn't actually a game, but a shot from the intro sequence from the pilot episode of Good Game. I figured it was fitting given the recent news.

Anyway, today's drawing is most definitely a game. So let's see how you all do.