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Fallout 2 was the last game of choice, which tehnoodnub nailed (but pokedad spotted more broadly).

Now, let's see if this doesn't stump you a little.


Right. Let's get back to the scribbles. The last game was indeed Golf Story, although I would have also accepted answers of Steam given the shenanigans that week.

Good win B-ob. Now, it's time for a new game.


Nobody got Skyrim, then. Bit of a surprise there.

But don't worry. I have a feeling you'll get today's ScribbleTaku.


Lot of good guesses yesterday - but none of them correct. Let's see how you go today.


Friday's game was the Metro 2033, so nice work rex94 (then crotchdot, smithacular, and basically everyone else).

Let's see if I can jog your memories just as thoroughly today.


So nobody got yesterday's game. Ordinarily I'd draw another clue, except I couldn't find something that wasn't too complicated for my amateur drawing skills.


Apologies for the last couple of days - it's been a busy week. The last game was Ticket to Ride, a great gateway board game that crowdedtrousers identified all too well.

Now, let's see how you all go today.


Yesterday's game was Pokmeon Fire Red/Leaf Green, although really any Pokemon game would do. Good job, Casual Prolix.

Now, let's see how you do today.


0/2, people. The last scribble was actually Railroad Tycoon, although catto's Train Simulator guess wasn't far off.

Let's see if we can't start the week better now.


Lot of good guesses about music games, but that wasn't the last ScribbleTaku. Let's see if you can get it this time.


And Gemini got the last game: it was definitely Diablo. Diablo 1 specifically, but Diablo 2 would have worked as well.

Now, let's see how you go with today's game.


Apologies for yesterday: I tried to get a scribble out before my morning flight, but just ran out of time. That leaves the last scribble as Duck Hunt, which silent guessed. Well done!

Now, time for a fresh game.


The last ScribbleTaku might have been a bit too hard, particularly since it was a board game. It was one of the tiles from Azul, which was hugely popular at PAX.

Let's go with something a little more familiar today. I think you'll get this one.


The PAX ScribbleTaku special was indeed Ori and the Blind Forest - nice spot 35 and kartanym. One of my more favourite shots from that game.

Anyway, let's see how you do with this game.


Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time was the last ScribbleTaku - nice work flanker15.

Let's see how you go with today's game!


Welp, nobody got the second hint yesterday either. It was Red Dead Redemption, first from the mini-map UI and then the icons and counter that appears when you're playing poker.

Let's go with something a little more ... iconic for today.


Bit later today, but still have to hand the win to Koganei. The last game was Sango Fighter. Bonus brownie points if you can hear the twang of that menu music in your head.

Now, let's draw a new game.