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Nobody grabbed Friday's game! It's a bit hard to do a second clue for: it was from the original You Don't Know Jack games. But there aren't too many buttons and icons to copy, so a new game it is.


Easy one yesterday: it was Breath of the Wild. Specifically the noise meter, near the bottom right.

Let's see how you go with today's game.


VonCookian got it right yesterday: the game was a Super Mario 3D Land, not Super Mario 3D World. Bad luck batguy, almost.

But maybe he'll get revenge today. Or maybe you'll get it first. Let's see.


It's no surprise that yesterday's ScribbleTaku showcased Trauma Centre, from our resident Trauma Centre speedrunner Adam. I'm pretty sure it was the sequel, if we're being precise.

Anyway, new day, new game. Let's go.


So before we get to what the actual game is, big shoutout to snoweee yesterday for winning the game within a game.


Well, WiseHacker nailed it straight up. Yesterday's game was the original Jazz Jackrabbit. No beating around the bush on that one.

Can you guess today's game first, though?


So, SimTower wasn't much of a challenge then. Well done Talicca!

But can you all guess today's game?


Do you remember SimAnt? Plenty of people did yesterday, although Dirtyshado jumped in first.

Let's see if you're as all on point today.


Well done WhitePointer! I thought nobody was going to get Friday's game, but just before the close of regular office hours they nailed System Shock. Top stuff.

But how well will you all do today?


Contra 3 wasn't much of a challenge. Wisehacker literally only needed a minute, and WhitePointer chimed in less than 10 minutes after with the exact Contra. Nice job, you two.


People had plenty of stabs, but the most recent game was actually Zoo Keeper. Not the kind of game you'd see often in these parts, so I can understand why people thought Theme Park or RCT.

But new day, new game. Let's see how you all go.


Seems like people aren't fans of motorcycles around here. The most recent ScribbleTaku was Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing, one of the many racing games Accolade published in the late 80's to early 90's. That MIDI engine was quite the thing.

But new week, new game. Let's go.


Guess yesterday's game? Casual Prolix did. It was Puzzle Fighter, or specifically the Super Street Fighter version. Nice job mate.

I imagine a few people would be able to spot today's game too. Let's see who gets it first.


Nice work GM_Ian. Yesterday's game was Super Cars 2 on the Amiga. Quite a few picked it up, although some others popped for Micro Machines instead.

Anyway, see if you can continue the streak (or redeem yourselves) with today's game.


Given my excitement over Golf Story yesterday, the ScribbleTaku was always going to be a golf game. And claymore35 picked the game exactly - NES Open Tournament Golf, which comes on the Mini NES.


So, most of you knew yesterday's game was Kirby. And most of you guessed Kirby's Dream Course, so well done!

But will you be as on point today?


Ultima Online finally got knocked off its perch on Friday. Let's see if you can spot today's game.