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In the short time since its release, survival game SCUM has caught players’ eyes for its ludicrous attention to detail, its slapstick antics, and — in the grand tradition of survival games such as Ark: Survival Evolved — diarrhoea. It’s already sold over 250,000 copies.

Yesterday, though, the game caught players off guard in a far less fun way when they discovered they could put a Nazi tattoo on their avatars.


The first time I died in SCUM, I was exploring a military base for supplies. After scrounging a backpack and some high quality gear, I stepped outside and right into the path of a giant goddamn robot. It shot me, and I fled into the forest. Unsure what to do, I sat by a river until I died.

The second time I died, I ended being chased by a wild boar with a pickaxe stuck in its nose. Because sure, why not?