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Far Cry 5 finally got a new game plus mode last week along with its third and final DLC, a set of brief new zombie missions.

The new additions have inspired players, always looking for mysteries in the game’s fictional open world of Hope County, Montana, to desperately search for signs the game may be changing seasons to match our planet’s actual orbit around the sun.


The Forza Horizon games are great non-racing games. You try to drive really fast along a predetermined path, but they aren't about hugging turns or calibrating tyre pressure the way the main Forza Motorsport games are.

Forza Horizon 4 is no different, but it's a little more beautiful. It's better in some ways, as all sequels are wont to be, and the 20 or so minutes I played at Microsoft's E3 showcase event over the weekend went by like a dream thanks in large part to the game's new location: Britain.


Every once in a while we ask if people prefer summer or winter. It's autumn so why don't we give some love to the other two seasons.