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Steve Rogers has been through hell. Marvel's Secret Empire event took the character to a dangerous place, one that spent the best part of a year muddying the public image of both one of comics' most beloved heroes and his publisher. This week, the Steve we knew is back, but his new comic isn't quite yet willing to address his recent history. Instead, it wants to concentrate on all his other years as a hero.


A number of writer Nick Spencer's narrative choices (such as turning Captain America into a literal fascist and supreme leader of Hydra) have made Marvel's Secret Empire event difficult to stomach. In this week's issue of the controversial series, though, a familiar face shows up to put all of Secret Empire's messiness in perspective -- and you know what? It's pretty damned good.


Today sees the release of the second chapter of Marvel's Secret Empire, the event series that has seen Steve Rogers fall from one of Earth's mightiest heroes to the leader of a fascist, totalitarian Hydra ruling over the United States. Except the issue also hurls a wrench into the works that throws into question over a year's worth of Marvel's comic stories.