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Here’s How Miles Morales Comes To The New Marvel Universe

There are lots of Spider-people in the Marvel Universe right now. But only two of them call themselves Spider-Man. One, of course, is the newly-rich Peter Parker, originator of the wall-crawler identity. The other is an alternate-reality successor to the Spider-mantle named Miles Morales. This week, we see Miles play…

Every Marvel Secret Wars Tie-In Comic, Reviewed

The second most-surprising thing about Marvel Comics’ big 2015 crossover comic book event is that it’s very good. These epics tend to disappoint, but not this one. The bigger surprise? Even the comics tying into it are mostly really good. That never happens.

Let’s Speculate About The Future Of The Marvel Universe

Ever since yesterday, Marvel’s been talking about how the next version of their superhero universe will look a whole lot different. And a new teaser image gives a glimpse of even more changes, including a female Wolverine. Time to put on our thinking caps, true believers.