The 12 Types Of Video Game Sequel

We live in an age of sequels, but not all sequels are created equal. Are you playing a true sequel, or are you peeking a prequel? A reboot, expandalone, or maybe a threequel? Don’t get piqued, people. Our sequel technique will sort everything out.

So Many Sequels, I Can’t Keep Up

If I ever get back to my 3DS, I might get back to a 2016 Mario & Luigi game that I still haven’t finished, in part because, when it came out, I still was in the middle of playing the 2013 Mario & Luigi that came out before it. I…

A Look At What Alan Wake 2 Could Have Been

Fans of the original Alan Wake have long wondered why their hunger for creeptacular suspense-filled third-person action game goodness hasn’t been fed with a sequel. This week, they got more of a proper answer. And a new hope.