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Strangers in a Strange Land is a point-and-click adventure game starring Billy, a college student on vacation with his step family. It's also about watching people bone and catching peep shows when you can. These scintillating and voyeuristic themes have the game caught in the middle of the latest tussle over porn games on Steam.


Who We Are Now tackles queer romance in the post-apocalypse. That doesn't sound too far flung from Walking Dead fan fiction, but what sets this upcoming PC game apart is that it takes place well after human beings have adapted to Armageddon. It's 10 years on, we've learned how to survive, but the scars and the traumas linger.


Well into the evening hours, I went out to a bar. Between glasses of barely mixed booze, just past a lanky fellow with a glowing sabre, I saw him. He was statuesque, decked out in leather and pierced all over, and wreathed by a rich, black mane. He was a hybrid, half man, half lion. He was ripped to hell. And what he really wanted was for me to tie him up.


My heart pounds in perfect rhythm with the oscillating clicks of the timepiece behind me. The modem connects with its familiar sequence of chirps and squawks. The house is empty. The shades are drawn. The lights are off. I'm ready to masturbate.